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RT Knits’ employees are passionate and enthusiastic about their area of expertise and are perpetually curious
to learn about latest trends and technologies, thus encouraging the company to build a learning culture.
In order to exceed the expectations of customers through our employees’ expertise,
the company focuses on refining coaching, training methods and analytical tools.
This approach highly distinguishes RT Knits in the textile industry.



Employees at RT Knits are at the heart of all that the company stands for. It is highly committed to create the right employee experience by:

Creating interesting and challenging jobs,
Promoting continuous learning and development initiatives,
Providing the right work environment that supports innovative business practices,
Offering young talents the opportunity to fast-track their career,
Building a promising future together.



With a solid group leadership and a talented workforce,
our aspiration to be one of the best employers in Mauritius makes us stronger. Our
core values fuel our everyday living and guide us on the right path. We strive towards
building unity by having a dedicated team who will mutually engage for a sustainable future.